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Potential commercial applications of microbial surfactants


I. M. Banat á R. S. Makkar á S. S. Cameotra


Surfactants are surface-active compounds capable of reducing surface and interfacial tension at the interfaces between liquids, solids and gases, thereby al- lowing them to mix or disperse readily as emulsions in water or other liquids. The enormous market demand for surfactants is currently met by […]

23 November 2015|Tags: , |

Microbial biosurfactants production, applications and future potential


Ibrahim M. Banat & Andrea Franzetti & Isabella Gandolfi & Giuseppina Bestetti & Maria G. Martinotti & Letizia Fracchia & Thomas J. Smyth & Roger Marchant


Microorganisms synthesise a wide range of surface-active compounds (SAC), generally called biosurfactants. These compounds are mainly classified according to their molecular weight, physico-chemical properties and mode of action. The low-molecular-weight […]

23 November 2015|Tags: , , , |

Isolation of glycoprotein bioemulsifiers produced by marine bacteria. In Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols, Springer Protocols Handbooks, Eds. McGenity et al. DOI 10.1007/8623_2014_1, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. (In press)


Tony Gutierrez, Ibrahim M. Banat


High-molecular-weight (HMW) surface-active agents (biosurfactants and bioemulsifiers) are produced by many different types of bacteria and comprise proteins, glycoproteins, lipoproteins, polysaccharides, lipopolysaccharides or complexes containing any combination of these structural types. The attraction of HMW glycoprotein bioemulsifiers as ingredients in food and drink formulations, for example, has increased […]

18 November 2015|Tags: , , , |

Towards the industrialization of new biosurfactants: Biotechnological opportunities for the lactone esterase gene from Starmerella bombicola. Biotechnol Bioeng. In press doi: 10.1002/bit.25815.


Roelants S, Ciesielska K, De Maeseneire S, Moens H, Everaert B, Verweire S, Denon Q, Vanlerberghe B, Van Bogaert IN, Van der Meeren P, Devreese B and Soetaert W (2015)

16 November 2015|Tags: , , , |

FoodWasteNet Workshop

Tony GutierrezTuesday November 3, 2015  10.30-16.15 “FoodWasteNet workshop: Adding value to food processing waste and by-products – an IB approach”

The MARISURF project was presented at this whole day event involving academia and industry to explore the use of Industrial Biotechnology for efficient conversion of food processing waste and […]

9 November 2015|