EcoTechSystems Srl


EcoTechSystems is an SME located at Ancona (Italy). It is specialized on environmental research, monitoring and characterization of marine, transition and land waters, with special attention to the aspects dealing with pollution and fate of pollutants. The applied research, performed for industries and thorugh the participation to several EU founded projects, is focused on the ecocompatibility of innovative products, industrial processes and technologies through the study of interactions with living biotic communities. The scientific team includes specialists in aquatic toxicology, environmental microbiology and experts on biodiversity of marine organisms.



Profile of staff engaged in the Project:

Dr. Mirko Magagnini

Mirko MagagniniDr Mirko Magagnini is technical director of EcoTechSystems srl. He achieved a PhD in Marine Biology and Ecology from the Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy. His current researche activities are focused on innovative approaches for the removal of pollutants from marine sediments and on the study of eco-compatibility of innovative processes and products, through an ecological and multi-disciplinary approach. He’s currently leading the operative unit EcoTS in 2 FP7 founded projects.

Dr. Luca Giaccaglia

Luca GiaccagliaDr Luca Giaccaglia is a marine biologist of EcoTechSystems srl. He is actually achieving a PhD in Environmental and Civil Protection (Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy). His research activities mainly focus on biotic responses as indicators of anthropic threats to aquatic ecosystems. His expertises include benthic and planktonic communities study as well as ecotoxicological assays on water and sediment.