In the fourth year (Sep 18 to Aug 19),  BBEPP has been developing an efficient process for polymer production, From the 4 promising strains ( 2 biosurfactants & 2 bioemulsifiers), yield was an issue for 2 of the strains and this has meant that production at BBEPP has now been concentrated on 2 strains with one showing more promising results from the end users. A larger scale run of the most promising strain is planned in the last period to allow all end users to test this strain further. One of the end users, MacPhie terminated their involvement in the project in year 4. However, the other 3 end users, Apivita, NIT and Marlow foods, have had encouraging results and are keen to progress further.
UNN , DUTH , HWU, ETS  and NIT  completed functional characterisation and some toxicity testing of the strains. UNN , DUTH , HWU, ETS  and LEITAT have now completed  further testing to highlight other properties the promising strains may have such as anti-inflammatory/ anti-aging properties. Ulster is exploring possibilities for increasing yield using genetic modification. UPAT established  isolation/purification protocol of SAs & is conducting NMR analysis & other identification techniques. Nova has begun life cycle analysis of the production process.
All deliverables & milestone have been met and the project is proceeding as  planned.